Making music that will touch your soul – Aman Gupta

It is often said you need meditation to meet your soul but if you happen to listen melodious voice and amazing music from Aman’s guitar it is one of the easiest way to feel your soul. Aman Gupta is from Mumbai, India who is lead vocalist and guitarist of Aman’s Band. Spreading love through his voice and music is his motto in life.

Aman is talented guitarist who started his journey with acoustic guitar and then transforming into electric guitar artist. Aman loves to perform cover of bollywood songs, He has created his own official songs in last few years and notable one is Zidd. Next few original songs are already in roll out stage which will launched very soon.

His passion, determination, regular practice and zidd to make a name for himself on the professional circuit has made him grow as a talented and amazing artist. Aman performs regularly on Instagram Live and other social media platform to keep his audience entertained during the pandemic.

We are covering some amazing experiences and fun facts of Aman through this artist journey.

Lets hear out directly from Aman now!!

1.What is your USP?

Music, Guitar, Vocals

2.Describe about your talent

Playing music, and putting words into is the thing that binds the souls together and I love this!

3.What inspired you to take up your talent?

My actual inspiration is the existing artists who are always around me and how they have allowed me to explore my love and passion towards my music.

4.What challenges have you faced while taking up your talent/hobby?

Buying a basic guitar was a dream once!! Living my dream has been biggest challenge for me and I still remember how happy I was when I had this beautiful peace of wood in my hand.

5.What is your message to other artists or people who dream of becoming an artist?

Never think to be exactly like one of the artist you follow, Who knows your dedication might help you excel more than the artist you follow. Just keep excelling in your art and perform like its your last.

6.Any support pillars or motivators you want to mention in your article?

My friends who are greater artists and have always been around me, they indirectly motivate me to excel.

7.During low moments or at times when you feel low what pumps you up or brings motivation back in your life?

I just play guitar for myself and sing for hours! It touches my soul and brings smile on my face.

What could be your dream collaboration?

Jal, The Band!

Fun Facts about Aman

Favorite Food

North Indian Food or anything that has Cheese !!!!!!!!

Favorite Series

If not artist what profession you would have made career into?

Pilot 😉

If you get one magical power or super power what will it be  and why?

Power to compel anyone

Favorite Movie

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