Once upon a time……….A 14 year boy was playing in a ground with his friends, suddenly some thing beautiful happened, he heard ear charming, mesmerizing melody. The mesmerization made the boy inquisitive & led him to discover about the melodious surprise which was actually ‘Flute Rehearsal’ of people with very strong inner vision & determination-they were "Blind People", enjoying the beautifulness of flute which was a ray of hope for them in the cruel dark world.


The innocent boy was so shaken & his receptive brain thought ‘If they can, why I can’t’?……………and that was just a small beginning to a grand musical voyage.


Today that boy is a well known name in the world of flute recital & known as Baljinder singh (Ballu) - 'The melodious Sikh'.


Born on April 21st,1972, in Indore(M.P), India, Baljinder singh (Ballu) who graduated in civil engineering(B.E-Civil) from S.G.S.I.T.S-Indore, began his career as an civil engineer where he found himself engaged in creating concrete jungle, which was satisfying his business person but was not able to satisfy the hardcore musician inside. The deep seated musician in the 'The melodious Sikh' was restless & struggling hard to yuuijyio prominently. During his career as a civil engineer his favorite relaxing companion was 'Flute' which facilitated release of all his worldly tensions & pressures.


Baljinder Singh groomed his inner musician under the guidance & inspiration of Shri Gouri Shanker Yadav,a blind music tutor, within a short span of time Baljinder Singh (Ballu) started proving his metal. Inspite of the fact that he does not hail from a family of musicians this fact makes his achievements more remarkable. His father was a businessman with well established transport business, who actively discouraged Baljinder Singh’s inclination towards music. Even once his annoyance led to the breaking of the flutes of his determined son. As a matter of fact his father hated to hate music all this annoyance existed because eyes of a responsible father were dreaming & visualizing a son to take shape of an successful engineer……but destiny had something else in the store. Today the father is among the most ardent & proud fan of his same son Baljinder Singh-'The melodious Sikh'……………………….. That's the power of music.


Baljinder (Ballu) got his further musical lessons from Shri Kamal Kamble (Top grade renowned musician of All India Radio).


Baljinder has been few Indian flutist who have made a conscious effort to reach out & expand the audience of the ‘Flute’ & aroused interest of the common man in ‘Flute’.


His dedication & talent allowed him to gain eye catching popularity. He has received many awards but gets emotional about his 'First Gold Medal at National Youth Festival held at, Chennai-India. Since then he hasn’t looked back & continue to receive recognition of his outstanding performance & justify his ability to charm the common masses.


He was also awarded with 'Soor Shri' (by Ushna Raktha-an institute involved in promoting Indian music & culture).


'The melodious Sikh' tours India & has many personal music releases focused on Indian Classical music, Instrumental Flute & Music for Vaastu.


Innumerous professional recordings with artists of repute like Ravindra Jain, Suresh Wadekar, Udit Narayan, Anuradha & Kavita Poudwal & many more. Baljinder Singh (Ballu) is a regualy at some Osho meditation centers & plays flute for meditation.


His charming personality reflected in his charming ways to play flute Baljinder has an ongoing learning attitude, fertile musical mind with an in depth understanding of the likings of the audience allowed him to become the most sought flute player & a constant demand from fans and promoters for performances in all corners of the India.


His passion to music & ardent desire to propagate music led to establishment of a 'Music Studio' in the name of 'Soor Taal', which is allowing him to further understand & experiment with music.


Baljinder Singh -'The melodious Sikh' who fell in love with lord Krishna’s musical instrument & proved that music knows no religion.

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