Artist who inspires humanity, love and positivity – Selwyn Santmajor

Most of us just live our lives working, eating and sleeping but there are some superhumans who are having different approach in living their lives. Our first Artist Story is about Selwyn Santmajor AKA Slither who is a power packed entertainer, multi-talented human being who’s motto in life is to spread love, positivity and inspire others.

We call him superhuman because very few live their life for making others smile, happy or bring positivity to them. Selwyn Santmajor is an Entertainer, Mimicry Artist, Beatboxer, Guitarist, Singer, Performs Street Magic, Illusionist, Makes 3D Artwork, Portraits, Writer, In short a superhuman who is making the most of his gifts that he has received in the form of talents.

Selwyn is from Airoli, Navi Mumbai which is growing city near Mumbai, India. 


His journey is nothing short of inspiration to all upcoming artists across the world. Our conversation with Selwyn was motivation and inspiration for us to grow our platform to serve Artists like him on

Let’s hear what Selwyn has to say about his journey, challenges and some fun facts about him.

1.What inspired Selwyn to become Artist?

Growing up I always had a mentality of being good at whatever I did. I always saw talented people on TV and YouTube & thought that I would also like to do what they do but in my own way. Once I started working on it, I kept learning and growing.

2.Role Model/Inspiration?

In music, my idol is Sean Danielsen from the band Smile Empty Soul. My role model is Lionel Messi for his heroics on and off the pitch. Despite of being the greatest ever, his humble and polite attitude is what inspires me a lot.

3.What challenges have you faced while taking up your talent/hobby?

It was never easy to learn all of these things without any formal training. One of the biggest challenge was to be patient and to learn one thing at a time and one step a time. The journey was long and I was often doubted by my friends, people made fun of me, got a lot of negative comments when I started and it was pretty tough for me to keep my motivation levels high during those stages. Also, convincing my parents about a non-conventional career wasn’t very easy specially after completing Engineering.

4.What is your message to other artists or people who dream of becoming a artist?

My message to other artists would be to do something because it makes them happy without expecting any numbers or money or fame to start with. Once you know what your talent is, you can then become better by your hard-work and dedication.

5.Where do you want to reach in next few years with your talent?

In the next few years, my idea is to release some original songs and to perform my act throughout the world. I also want to meet new artists with new styles to learn something from them and to incorporate that in my act.

6.Any support pillars or motivators you want to mention in your article?

My support pillars will always be people who have been there for me during my learning days and the ones who look up to me and my work even today. My mom helped me a lot during my early days and few friends have always believed in my potential.

7.During low moments or at times when you feel low what pumps you up or brings motivation back in your life?

It is pretty tough to pick myself up and to keep doing what I love and during tough times, I always try to look at the positive side and take it one day at a time. I keep reminding myself that I will be a better version of myself every single day and that every time someone sees me, they’ll see me doing better than what I was doing yesterday.

8.What could be your dream collaboration?

In music, my dream collaboration would be with Sean Danielsen. I would also love to perform my acts for Lionel Messi by combining a lot of my talents and making it special for him.

Fun Facts about Selwyn

Favorite travel destination

Miami, Florida (USA)

Favorite quote – “I will either achieve my goals or die trying”

Favorite movie

Andaz Apna Apna.

Favorite Food


Role Model

Lionel Messi

We know you all must be feeling inspired and motivated after knowing journey of our Globeperformer Selwyn Santmajor. If you are looking to collaborate or connect with Selwyn you can simply click here.


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