The Globeperformer Story

Globeperformer is all-in-one digital platform for Artists and Events Industry. Carved out of the needs of Artists to get visibility/recognition on the global stage, assisting them to have insights about the events happening around, opportunities emerging in the industry and empowering them in the decision making process we are here to bring a digital revolution for Artists/Events and entire global population. We value the power of creativity you have and power of digital transformation we have will be important factor in bringing revolutionary changes for our Artists and Events Community.

“Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.” - Roy T. Bennett

Our Vision

To be a leading global platform to explore and connect with Talent, Artists and Events. 

Our Mission

To be an inspiration for all the artists across the globe, to rise up and begin their journey towards achieving their dreams. We do this by simplifying the journey of discovering artists/events/opportunities, bringing in transparency and above all our determination to build trust and confidence in the artist community across globe.

Our Values






We believe entire 7 billion+ citizens on this planet are talented!!

That’s correct and our team believes in this statement. This is the major reason of our existence and beginning of revolution we are bringing with our platform. Everyone is gifted and equally talented with unique skills and personality but due to lack of proper platform, lack of confidence and fear of taking that first step we miss out on pursuing our talent and hobbies. Through our platform we give you the best opportunity to get a global platform to show your talent, take that first step towards building your brand and boost your confidence to pursue your talent/hobbies.

This is just a beginning of a global project to elevate art and different forms of creativity. Lots of exciting product features and benefits for the community are lined up for future stages of execution.

Ready to show your talent to the world?